Our Team

Our Team


The guy who tried to kill Joffrey, got away with it and is now waiting to take you through the streets of King’s Landing. Those with a good eye for details could have seen him in Seasons 2,7 and 8; he was an extra on the show doing random stuff in the background but managed to meet Cersei, Tyrion, Joffrey, Jaime, Sansa, Mountain, Jon Snow and see himself on the screen multiple times!

Otherwise he is a licensed Tour Guide, born and raised in Dubrovnik, got his master’s degree in Italian, Russian and literature but during the last 7 years he has switched to „teaching“ GoT. When not guiding, you can find him swimming in open water, watching/discussing soccer or in a cinema watching every single movie ever…
Favorite character: Himself
Why: Because he is (was) awesome!


Youngest member of our team with 5 years experience under her belt. Professor of Portuguese and Russian, fluent in English as well, but above all; huge GoT fan!
Casted 2 times but refused to participate. We like to say that she felt too good for the role assigned to her but the truth is less cool: being still in college she had exams to take… Nowadays no more exams, she is back to King’s Landing and waiting to share her vast GoT knowledge with you!

Favorite character: Jon Snow
Why: Same as any other girl on the planet


The girl who witnessed both Joffrey and Oberyn dying, doesn’t get much cooler than that! If you weren’t paying attention, check out who is standing next to Jaime during the Purple Wedding.
She got her master’s degree at University of Zagreb and as a proud local she returned to Dubrovnik, got her guiding license and joined our team back in 2017. Newest member of our team but she is already highly appreciated by the rest of the brotherhood and fans who joined her tours!

Favorite character: : Loras Tyrell
Why: She saw him puking after one of the wrap up parties, gotta love that!


Most accomplished tour guide you can find in Westeroos with 16 years of guiding experience from Dubrovnik all the way to Venice, finally settled in her hometown and made us all proud and happy by joining our team!
Passionate snowboarder always grinding on the edge and risking it all, she knows how to bring the dangerous world of GoT to life, we dare you to survive the tour with Lana!
Favorite character: Tormund
Why: Would be a good companion snowboarding behind the wall.

Favorite character: Jon Snow
Why: Same as any other girl on the planet


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